You now have a soil environment conducive to sustaining a healthy lawn for many years to come!

Question: "Why should I spend my money on soil preparation before I begin my landscape project?"

Answer: By adding 3 to 6 cubic yards of compost to every 1000 square feed of landscape area you:

  • Add moisture retaining qualities to sandy soil

  • Add drainage qualities to heavy clay soils

  • Eliminate existing compaction from home construction

  • Add resistance to soil compaction form children playing and dogs running

  • Add character to 'builders' soil that was placed around your home when construction was completed.  This soil often comes from the excavation of your basement and foundation

  • Adds nutrients to soil and adds ability to maintain nutrients in the turf and plant root zone

  • Saves water by allowing increased water absorbsion while reducing water run-off

Question: "What is involved in the soil preparation process?"

Answer: From start to finish, Barefoot Farms will handle it all.

  • First we call for utility locations for your entire project area.  This is the law.  By knowing where utility lines are located, we can prevent interruption of your service while maintaining a safe jobsite, not to mention preventing expensive repairs.

  • Secondly, we deliver the proposed quality of premium grade compost.

Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and go to work.  We utilize the most modern efficient equipment and methods in the soil conditioning process:

  • Spread the compost evenly over the entire area.  Depending on the application rate the compost will be spread 3/4" to 1/2" deep.  We do our best to spread equally, however keep in mind that the incorporation process is going to be very disruptive to the soil and we will end up with a homogeneous soil condition when completed.

  • Incorporate the compost into the soil to a 6: to 10" depth depending on soil type, landscape intent, equipment utilized and as per any discussions we've had with the owner.  Some soils require cultivation via ripping to a depth of up to 12" while the compost will be concentrated in the upper 4-6".  The options include ripping, disking and roto-tilling.  We determine the best method for your individual project.

  • Smooth the soil to a finish grade ready for landscaping.  Because all the other elements of the landscape are yet to be perfomed, we don't rake the area ready for turf.

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