BAREFOOT & BAREBACK - Premium Dryland Pasture Mix

  • 20% Smooth Brome 'Manchar'/20% Crested Wheat 'Ephriam'/20% Perennial Rye

  • 10% Orchardgrass/10% Russian Wildrye/10% Canada Bluegrass

SEEDING RATE: Hydro-Seed @ 2# 1000SF or Drill Seed @ 1# 1000SF

BAREFOOT IN THE SADDLE - Premium Irriagated Pasture Mix

  • 30% Orchardgrass/20% Smooth Brome/20% Perennial Rye

  • 20% Meadow Brome/10% Intermediate Wheatgrass

SEEDING RATE: Hydro-Seed @ 2# 1000SF or Drill Seed @ 1# 1000SF

BAREFOOT BEAUTY - Low Grow Wildflower Mix

  • 10% Sharp Bros. Rocky Mountain Wildflower Mix/20% Crested Wheat 'Ephriam'/15% Sheep Fescue

  • 10% Buffalo Grass/10% Blue Grama/20% Perennial Rye

SEEDING RATE: Hydro-Seed @ 8# 1000SF or Drill Seed @ 5# 1000SF

BAREFOOT IN SANDALS - Low Maintenance Native Mix

  • 15% Crested Wheat 'Ephriam'/20% Sheep Fascue/20% Chewings Fescue

  • 10% Canada Bluegrass/10% Kentucky Bluegrass/10% Perennial Rye

SEEDING RATE: Hydro-Seed @ 5# 1000SF or Dryland @ 2# 1000SF also Drill Seed @ 5# 1000SF or Dryland @ 1.5# 1000SF

Barefoot Farms Non-Irrigated Turf Grass Recommendations

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These native grass mixes have been formulated for our area.  Each has advantages when used in different applications.  Native grass that is non-irrigated will take some time to establish and once established will be considered sparse when compared to irrigated turf stands.  Native grass is intended for use typically in larger areas where there exists a need for wind and water erosion, livestock grazing, wildlife habitat along with aesthetic effect.  Wildflowers are often planted in conjunction to native grass.  Be patient as your native grass develops.  During periods of drought during the first year of establishment, re-seeding might be required.  This is a buyers risk.

Non-irrigated turf from Barefoot Farms
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