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  • 25% Alpine/25% Nuglade

  • 25% Touchdown/25% Total Eclipse

SEEDING RATE: Hydro-Seed @ 5# 1000SF or Drill Seed @ 3-5# 1000SF

BAREFOOT IN THE PARK - Water Saver Turf-grass Mix

  • 30% Kentucky Bluegrass/35% Tall Fescue

  • 15% Creeping Red Fescue/20% Perennial Rye

SEEDING RATE: Hydro-Seed @ 6# 1000SF or Drill Seed @ 4# 1000SF

BAREFOOT IN THE SHADE - Specially prepared mix for shade or sun

  • 20% Chewings Fescue/20% Creeping Red Fescue/35% Tall Fescue

  • 10% Kentucky Bluegrass/15% Perennial Rye

SEEDING RATE: hydro-Seed @ 8# 1000SF or Drill Seed @ 5# 1000SF

BAREFOOT IN SANDALS - Mix requires little if any supplemental water, however with supplemental water, this mix forms a dense turf

  • 15% Western Wheat/15% Sheep Fescue/15% Hard Fescue

  • 5% Buffalo Grass/20% Kentucky Bluegrass/15% Perennial Rye

BAREFOOT ON THE RANGE - Bringing the prairie to you!  Add wildflowers!

  • 30% Buffalo Grass/20% Blue Grama

  • 20% Sideoats Grama

Here are a few of our more popular choices for your lawn grass.  Barefoot Farms Inc. highly recommends that you plant these grasses on well prepared soil, being watered by an automatic lawn sprinkler system.  These turf mix choices are listed in order of presumed water consumption.

Barefoot Farms Irrigated Turf Grass Recommendations

Irrigated Turf from Barefoot Farms

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