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Drill Seeding from Barefoot Farms
Drill Seeding is an agricultural process complete with a tractor and a specialized seeding attachment called a drill.  The drill uses a mechanical mechanism to place seed in the soil.  The depth of the seed can be regulated as well as the rate of application.

Because drill seeding uses no wood/fiber mulch in the process, the cost is generally 1/2 or even less.  Drill seeding is advantageous on larger areas such as pastures and reclamation projects, more level areas and projects where it is difficult to obtain adequate water to hydro-seed.

Drill seeding is not an inferior method of seeding.  In fact, in some applications it is superior to hydro-seeding.

Let us advise you on your particular project.

Drill Seeding

Drill Seeding from Barefoot Farms

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