Barefoot Farms Landscaping
Some people want to do all or at least part of their landscape project themselves.  Barefoot Farms Inc. is ready to help where we can.  Regardless of who does the work, you want to start with a well thought out Design.  

Often we are asked about Soil Preparation, grass seed selection, hydro seeding or drill seeding.  Before you rent and operate equipment yourself, consider the total cost of renting, including taxes, delivery and insurance.  When you consider the value of our time, you might consider it best to have Barefoot Farms Inc. do it for you.  Not only are our operators experienced on the equipment, we also come with over 25 years of combined landscape experience.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself Lawn Services

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Landscaping Tips from Barefoot Farms
Landscaping Tips from Barefoot Farms